Let’s see what we've got on this Volkswagen Jetta


Recalls and drawbacks

  • Mechatronics units in DSG may fail

  • Oil pumps on 2.0 TDI engines may fail because of engineering error on hexagonal shaft

  • 1.4 TSI engines suffer cracked pistons

  • Common door seal failures

  • 1.6 TDI engine suffers from EGR valve failure

  • Common steering rack failure

Theft records

  • Country
  • Czech Republic
    Czech Republic
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Slovenia
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Canada
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Netherlands
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Romania
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Lithuania
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Ukraine
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Slovakia
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Hungary
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Finland
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded
  • Italy
    Not recorded

    Police - Stolen vehicle database

    Not recorded

Previous facts of sale

  • Date




  • 2016-10-01

    United States of America



  • Auction

  • Date




  • 2017-06-01


    39 000 PLN


  • Classified

  • Date




  • 2020-10-01


    9 600 €


  • Classified


  • Date


    Damage valuePossible damage value

  • 2016-07-01

    United States of America

    $15,000 – $20,000

  • Possible damage type

  • Front / Bumper

  • Rear / Bumper

  • Date


    Damage valuePossible damage value

  • 2016-07-01

    United States of America

    $15,000 – $20,000


  • Date




  • 2014-09-08

    13 km

  • Date




  • 2016-08-01

    United States of America

    43275 km

    Had title changed

  • Had title changed

  • Date




  • 2020-10-01


    111000 km

    Was on sale

  • Was on sale


Date: 2016-08-25

Date: 2020-10-04

Car information

  • Tech spec

  • Make


  • Model


  • Body Type


  • Production year


  • Model Year


  • Engine

    1.8 l

  • Engine Power

    125 kW

  • Fuel Type


  • Transmission Type


  • Drive Type


  • No. of Doors


  • Steering Wheel Placement


  • Destination Market


  • Engine Code


  • Equipment

  • LRV

    Driving on the right (NAR)

  • MSF

    Version (low)

  • AUS

    Comfort equipment

  • TPL

    Legal requirements for USA 2 States with CARB requirement

  • BLB

    Component parts set, complying with vehicle type for USA (without California), various parts

  • RAD

    4 alloy wheels "Queensland" 7J x 17, black, diamond-turned surface

  • COC

    Operating permit, alteration

  • MOT

    4-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l/125 kW (16V) turbo FSI, homogeneous, base engine is TH2/TJ2/TF6/TQ6/TF5/TK5/TI5

  • ONL

    Online service, with OCU, without head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection

  • MKE

    Without driver alert system

  • AAU

    Club & Lounge

  • IND

    Without customized installation

  • MDS


  • FZS

    No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment

  • PAM

    Vehicles with special upgrade measures

  • GSP

    6-speed automatic transmission or DSG note

  • DFV

    Shock absorption in front

  • REI

    All-season tires 225/45 R17 91H (NAR)

  • BAT

    Battery 380 A (72 Ah)

  • KSU

    Rear view camera system

  • KZB

    LED license plate lighting

  • BLE

    Without trim panel

  • PKS

    With additional switch

  • KAR


  • LEA

    Left-hand drive

  • GKV

    Suspension range 55 installation control only, no requirement forecast

  • BGK

    Standard battery/alternator capacity

  • SIB

    Seat trim covers in leatherette

  • SFV

    Nameplate for sales name

  • WIV

    LongLife Service Regime

  • SEA

    Service indicator 10 000 miles or 1 year (fix)

  • CHR

    Chrome rings on gages in instrument cluster and chrome trim on vents and rotary light switch

  • SVS

    Without drawers under front seats

  • LCP

    Interior ambient lighting

  • KMP

    Without compass/road sign display/ dynamic road sign display

  • TVE

    Satellite radio reception NAR integrated in device

  • GMO

    4-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06K.E

  • AFH

    Hill hold control

  • ESS

    Electric interface for external use, with an iPhone4 adapter cable

  • INS

    Instrument cluster, mph speedometer - USA -

  • GRT

    Without garage door opener

  • FHW

    Standard pedal cluster

  • FGS

    Standard pedestrian protection measures

  • REL

    Tires without specification of tire brand

  • STV

    Front stabilizer bar

  • TUE

    4 doors

  • STH

    Rear stabilizer bar

  • EDF

    Installation differentiation for transmission AQ250 -- vehicle components --

  • FAD

    Mexico manufacturing sequence

  • AGM

    Emission standard SULEV

  • KAE

    Without decals and emblems

  • ASY

    Without alternative drive system

  • SZU

    Nameplate set "TSI"

  • HIA

    4-link rear suspension

  • SAU

    Labels in English

  • ZFM

    Carpet mats in front and rear

  • BTA

    Information kit in American English

  • GKH

    Weight range 4 installation control only, no requirement forecast

  • KLZ

    Tropical zones

  • BRS

    Electronic Stability Control with driversteering recommendation incl. ABS w/ brake assistant, ASR, EDL, EDTC

  • KRS

    Fuel system for fuel-injected SI engine

  • FRO

    Antifreeze up to -35 degree Celsius tolerance up to -40 degree C

  • AHV

    Without trailer hitch

  • TYP

    Without identification label

  • AKB

    Activated carbon canister (ORVR), for intensified evaporation system, siphoning device for fueling

  • RER

    Space-saving spare wheel

  • DFH

    Sports suspension, body lowered by approx. 15 mm

  • BAH

    Disc brakes in rear

  • RAA

    Trims for alloy wheels

  • LEN

    Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering

  • ABR

    Standard wheel bolts

  • TGL

    Mass damper for steering wheel, 26.5 Hz

  • TWU

    Without additional front underbody guard

  • BOW

    Tool kit and jack

  • VBK

    Without first aid kit and warning triangle

  • KBX

    Without refrigerator/glove compartment cooling system

  • ATA

    Front-wheel drive

  • BAV

    Disc brakes in front (Geomet D)

  • KRM

    Initial standard fuel filling

  • EBB

    Filler neck module 1 with insert

  • STF

    Body-colored bumpers

  • KRB

    Fuel tank with special material treatment (coextrusion) with changed protective layer

  • SWP

    Sports suspension

  • FRI

    Dust and pollen filter

  • ZBR

    Without additional tires

  • LRA

    Leather-wrapped MF steering wheel (3-spoke) w/ aluminum decorative insertsw/ control for MFD, radio and telephone

  • ZKV

    Child seat anchors as per Canadian requirements a. ISOFIX child seat system

  • SHM

    3-point seat belt, center rear with US label

  • DEI

    Without roof insert (standard roof)

  • KSI

    Without child seat anchora in front (ISOFIX)

  • KOV

    Safety-optimized front head restraints

  • HIS

    Unsplit rear seat bench, asymmetric split folding backrest, with center armrest and load-through hatch

  • TSV

    Door trim panels in leather appearance

  • BOB

    Dilours floor covering without scuff guard

  • SIE

    Manual height adjustment, for front seats with modified manual control

  • HAL

    Without bracket for first aid kit and warning triangle

  • KOH

    Three rear head restraints

  • SFR

    Sports comfort seat, front, right

  • SFL

    Sports seats, front

  • GDM

    Without additional noise suppression measures for passenger compartment

  • TAV

    Door pockets without insert mats

  • SHA

    3-point seat belts, outer rear with US label

  • SIH

    Heated front seats

  • SDH

    Remote unlocking for luggage compartmentand fuel filler door

  • WSS

    Green heat-insulating glass

  • TKV

    Central locking system Keyless Go w/o SAFELOCK (NAR/two-stage unlocking)

  • SSH

    Green heat-insulating glass in side and rear windows

  • IRS

    Breakaway interior rearview mirror, dimming

  • INT

    Standard dashboard

  • PBH

    Rear floor panel module, type 2

  • RSV

    3-point seat belts in front with pretensioner and height adjustment, US label

  • FEH

    Power windows, front and rear

  • AIB

    Airbag on driver and front passenger side, without knee airbag, with autom. front passenger airbag deactivation

  • GNF

    Luggage pocket on backrest of right seat

  • SAB

    Curtain airbag system for front and rearpassengers including side airbags, front

  • ZIE

    Standard decorative trims

  • HAK

    Glove compartment door without light

  • GRV

    Luggage compartment lining with storage compartment on the left

  • KSA

    Body measures for increased safety requirements

  • TRF

    Carrier frequency 315 MHz

  • HES

    Rear spoiler

  • LAC

    Transport protection film (minimum protection) with additional transport protection measures

  • EIH

    Decorative inserts "Checker Plate black with chrome" for dashboard and door trim panels

  • ASR

    Right exterior mirror, convex (US)

  • ASL

    Left exterior mirror, flat (US)

  • SON

    Sun visors with mirror ( NAR )

  • FEU

    Without fire extinguisher

  • MAS

    Center armrest in front

  • BBO

    Black exterior mirror housings

  • KUG

    Black radiator grille with chrome moldings on the fins

  • AWV

    Without forward collision warning/ autonomous emergency braking

  • GPS

    Without tie down straps/net/pocket

  • HBV

    Hand brake lever handle in leather

  • KZH

    Rear license plate carrier (NAR)

  • SAG

    Gearshift knob in leather

  • KZV

    Front license plate carrier (small, NAR)

  • ASE

    Exterior mirrors, power-adjustable and heated

  • EDW

    Preparation for anti-theft alarm system

  • CDW

    Without CD changer/CD player

  • STD

    12-V socket in center console, front andrear

  • WSA

    Without heat accumulator/auxiliary heater

  • FVS

    Without preparation for VTS (vehicle tracking system)

  • AED

    Vehicle class differentiation -160 / 16R / 16M-

  • RDK

    Tire pressure monitoring system

  • SNA

    Without start-stop system without regenerative braking

  • EIL

    Without protective film for scuff plate

  • ALS

    Overhead storage compartment with lid

  • PGK

    Platform group class 1

  • LOR

    Manually adjustable lumbar support for left front seat

  • CDR

    Without CD/DVD for navigation

  • SLE

    Side marker lamps and turn signal repeaters (turn signals with white lens)

  • NAV

    Navigation system "RNS315" NAR

  • EPH

    Without park distance control

  • SPU

    Without lane change assist

  • RAO

    Radio integrated into navigation system

  • GEN

    Alternator 140 A

  • LIA

    Without light control

  • HSW

    Halogen headlamps and turn signal lamps under one clear glass cover

  • FLS

    Separate daytime running light -- NAR --

  • ANT

    "diversity" window antenna

  • SWS

    Front windshield wiper with intermittentcontrol

  • LWR

    Without headlight range control

  • LSE

    6 speakers (passive)

  • SBR

    Rear combination lamp with darkened lens

  • LEL

    Without reading light

  • NEL

    Without rear fog lamp

  • GRA

    Cruise control

  • NES

    Front fog lamps

  • WWA

    Without washer fluid level indicator

  • SWR

    Without headlamp washer system

  • SNH

    Single-tone horn

  • MKU

    Hot country

  • HKA

    Air conditioning system

  • RAU

    Non-smoker's package (NAR)

  • ZUH

    Without auxiliary heater/parking heater

  • SGK

    Visual and acoustic seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle

  • MFA

    Multi-function display

  • BWD

    Automatically-heated washer nozzles in front

  • BVK

    Without brake pad wear indicator

  • AUD

    Without "Multimedia" in vehicle

  • VTV

    Preparation for telephone without 3-button module

  • BTR

    Operating voltage 12 V