About Us

A particular car’s history report can be received with as little as the VIN number of that specific automobile.

What it does

This platform provides information about cars’ history. History is a valuable thing when it comes to buying a second-hand vehicle. There are unfair dealers in the used cars market. Some of the vehicles may have had serious problems that the buyers should be aware of and this is where the car history report comes into play.

A significant number of sold cars have issues that may lead to unpredictable expenses. Mileage fraud is amongst the most popular threats. It can both ruin the maintenance schedule as well as hide the general state of the car.

CheckCarDNA car history report can also reveal many secrets about cars’ accidents history. Usually, vehicles that have undergone severe crashes or were highly damaged are troublesome to live with.

What data contains

Each car history report is a blend of different aggregated data from various information providers. Dealerships, workshops, insurance companies, and state institutions may have important information about each car. It can either boost up the value of the car or lower it down by a great margin.

CheckCarDNA provides the following data:

  • Recalls and drawbacks of a particular car
  • Performs a check in the stolen vehicles’ database
  • Accidents history
  • Previous facts of sale (price, date of sale)
  • Mileage history
  • Pictures of an actual car
  • General information (specifications, equipment)

CheckCarDNA is an inexpensive way to obtain a stronger position in negotiations when buying a used car. It is also likely to benefit in a good way for people who sell well-maintained cars.