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Damaged car can be worth 15-30% less

Avoid costly mistakes by checking car history.

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Recent user reviews

  • William

    As a car dealer I always check the history!!!

  • Alice

    Got my current car’s history report on CheckCarDNA❤️. I can only blame myself that I didn’t do that before buying the car😢. Pictures in the report revealed it was close to unrepairable 2 years ago.

  • Patricia

    I change cars twice a year or even more often💪. Every time I’m about to buy one, I check its history report on CheckCarDNA... It gets me best advice either to skip the deal or to go for one!

  • Scott

    I totally love ❤️❤️❤️ it when CheckCarDNA shows pictures of the car I’m interested in from its past ownership. That says so much more than these stories sellers tell me.

  • Emily

    I was going for a BMW 530 E60😉 There were 2 options for my budget – made in 2005 and 2009. Checked their history on this platform and immediately went for the older one since the newer car had its rear end almost ripped off in the USA.!!

  • Samantha

    The report saved me from buying a car with a substantial mileage rollback $$$.

A vehicle with odometer fraud is less valuable and safe.

Check car with CheckCarDNA and protect yourself from unexpected financial expenses.

Reveal mileage fraud

Enter a VIN number and get all the information dealers might be hiding from you.

We collect and verify information from various sources

  • National and private registries
  • Used car auctions and classifieds
  • Police databases
  • Insurance and leasing companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealerships
  • Workshops
  • Various other sources

Be smarter than the dealers

Check real mileage

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60% of vehicles have incorrect odometer readings. Mileage roll backs can affect your vehicle on the road

Check previous damage

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1 out of 5 cars in damaged, hidden accidents can cause you overpay for the car

Check theft records

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Police in the EU recorded on average 697 000 car thefts yearly over the period from 2015 to 2017

Check car photos

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40% of vehicles on the road have been in an accident or sustained damage